Frozen durian – how to preserve?

Durian is a popular tropical fruit with a distinctive flavor, but ripens seasonally and spoils quickly if not stored properly. To ensure the year-round supply of durian, regardless of the season as well as to meet the requirements of long-distance transportation to other countries, frozen durian is the optimal solution.

Frozen IQF Durian meat – HungHau Foods

Currently, with the modern freezing method IQF. When ripe, durian is harvested, peeled, seeded or left whole, then frozen for a short time. Products that need to be frozen will be exposed to cold air, the temperature will gradually decrease from -34 to -43 degrees Celsius during transportation. Depending on the frozen product, the moving speed of the conveyor belt is also adjusted according to the requirements of the finished product. IQF frozen durian after thawing still retains the same color, flavor, nutritional content as fresh fruit and ensures food hygiene and safety.

Durian after freezing is stored at a temperature of -18°C, and can be stored for 2 years. Therefore, durian can be used all year round, serving the needs of consumption and export. Durian should not be stored for longer than this period to ensure that the durian does not deteriorate.

In addition to frozen durian, HungHau Foods provides many IQF frozen fruit products for export such as: Mango, banana, passion fruit, dragon fruit… in many shapes from cut dice to puree. Contact website: for more product information.