Hai Duong expands market for Thanh Ha lychee products

The development and expansion of the market for Thanh Ha litchi has always been of special interest to all levels, branches and localities of Hai Duong. Mr. Tran Van Hao, Director of Hai Duong Department of Industry and Trade, discussed with Mekong ASEAN about the situation of this year’s harvest season.

Mekong ASEAN: In this year’s lychee crop in Hai Duong province, how do you evaluate the productivity and quality of this agricultural product?

Mr. Tran Van Hao: In order to prepare for the litchi crop in 2023, the Provincial Party Committee and People’s Committee of Hai Duong province have directed departments, branches and local authorities to survey, learn the facts and take measures to support and guide, advising farmers on cultivation techniques, fertilizing lychee, actively applying scientific advances and production techniques according to VietGAP and GlobalGAP standards to improve productivity, output and product quality.

Mr. Tran Van Hao, Director of Hai Duong Province’s Department of Industry and Trade attended a trade promotion meeting with the Vietnam Trade Office system abroad in May 2023, Hai Duong province’s bridge point.

Currently, Hai Duong has 8,880 hectares of lychee, of which the early lychee area is about 30%, the main season lychee is about 70%. It is expected that this year’s lychee output will reach about 60,000 tons, equivalent to last year’s lychee output; in which, early lychee tea and middle lychee tea are about 30,000 tons, main season lychee tea is about 30,000 tons.

A team of experts from Japan’s AEON Group came to survey the lychee area in Thanh Son commune, Thanh Ha district, Hai Duong province, on June 1.

Up to now, Hai Duong’s lychee is basically produced according to safe processes, of which 500 hectares have been certified to produce VietGAP and GlobalGAP standards and are eligible for export to high-end markets.

The province currently has 203 planting area codes for export; including 42 US codes, 46 Australian codes, 39 Japanese codes, 8 Thai codes, 68 Chinese codes. Besides, there are 21 codes of packing facilities exported to China (13 codes), the United States, Australia, Newzeland, Japan and Thailand, with a capacity of nearly 500 tons/day.

The whole province of Hai Duong currently has 500 hectares of lychee that have been certified to meet VietGAP and GlobalGAP standards and are eligible for export to high-end markets.

Through the initial survey, the vitamins in Thanh Ha lychee fruit this year are higher and the design is more beautiful than in previous years. The early harvest time for lychee tea starts from May 15, in full bloom from May 25 to June 5; The main lychee tea season starts from June 5 to the end of June, focusing on June 10-20.

Mekong ASEAN: Can you tell us how the trade promotion for lychee fruit has been implemented by Hai Duong Department of Industry and Trade?

Mr. Tran Van Hao: Finding output for agricultural products in general and lychees in particular has always been of interest to all levels, branches and localities in the province. In recent years, Hai Duong Department of Industry and Trade has actively carried out activities to connect trade and promote trade in order to find output for typical agricultural products of the province, especially lychee.

Small traders buy lychee in Thanh Ha district.

In order to ensure efficient consumption of litchi in the 2023 crop, the Department has proactively organized the implementation of tasks and solutions early on. Specifically, soon send information about production situation, supply addresses meeting VietGAP, GlobalGAP standards for consumption enterprises. Organize for businesses to survey and learn about growing areas to understand the situation and build a plan to buy lychee, especially for export businesses. Simultaneously work with large trade centers and wholesale markets to agree on plans to consume agricultural products.

Actively advise the Provincial People’s Committee to contact ministries, branches and provinces with border gates to create the best support for the export of fresh lychee to be favorable, to avoid congestion at the border gates.

At the same time, coordinate with the Trade Promotion Department (Ministry of Industry and Trade) and relevant units to strengthen propaganda and promotion activities, lychee products and agricultural products in the media; support to open fabric stores on e-commerce platforms such as Lazada, Sendo, Postmart… and on social networks such as Zalo; Facebook; Tictok… to promote lychee consumption.

Preliminary processing and preservation of lychee for export at Ameii Vietnam Joint Stock Company, Thanh Ha district.

In addition, in collaboration with Hai Duong Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, relevant branches of the province and Department of Asia – Africa (Ministry of Industry and Trade) to propagate and guide farmers and businesses to buy goods. lychee processing and consumption know and actively produce to meet the requirements of the Chinese market.

Connecting and working with tourism and travel businesses to bring lychee products into consumption in the system of zones, tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels, cultural, sports and tourism events on the world. nationwide.

In addition, Hai Duong Department of Industry and Trade will continue to actively coordinate with departments and agencies of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, central ministries, and the Departments of Industry and Trade of provinces and cities to have timely support information for people. farmers and businesses purchasing and consuming litchi.

The event announced Thanh Ha lychee successfully exported to Japan, the US, Australia, and Europe in 2023 and “Thanh Ha lychee flies with customers”, on the morning of June 9.

Mekong ASEAN: Regarding the future orientation for domestic and foreign markets, what plans does Hai Duong Department of Industry and Trade have, sir?

Mr. Tran Van Hao: In the current context of Vietnam’s extensive international integration, with strong participation in new generation FTAs has opened up many opportunities, but the export of agricultural products in general and lychees in particular still facing many difficulties due to strict regulations, high requirements on food safety standards, nutritional content, chemical residues, plant protection drugs, designs, origin…

Along with that, the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic is having complicated developments, which greatly affects the consumption and export of lychee in the province.

Thanh Ha, Hai Duong lychees that meet export standards to the US, Japan and Europe are displayed and sold in the BigGreen system, Hanoi.

In order to strengthen promotion and market expansion for lychee and agricultural products, in the coming time, Hai Duong Industry and Trade will continue to strengthen coordination with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and through active Trade Counselors. providing information to businesses about the demand for agricultural products in other countries for each of the province’s key agricultural products; detailed and specific information on technical barriers to facilitate businesses and farmers to develop appropriate production and export plans.

Proactively provide information on production status, output, types, harvest time, and supply addresses meeting VietGAP and GlobalGAP standards. Strengthen propaganda so that businesses and farmers are aware of product quality assurance, food safety and hygiene… At the same time, it is proposed to the Ministry of Industry and Trade to support the organization of a series of trade promotion activities. trade for litchi fruit in 2023.

Along with that, maintaining, maintaining and continuing to expand existing markets such as China, Japan, Korea, USA, Australia, EU…; proactively and actively coordinate with departments and agencies of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Trade Counselors in other countries to promote, connect and promote in order to open and penetrate new markets, diversify markets.

According to the survey, the domestic market with nearly 100 million people is a large, stable market with plenty of room, Hai Duong Department of Industry and Trade has been actively coordinating with the Trade Promotion Department, the Department of Trade and Industry. The domestic market actively works with retail groups, supermarkets, businesses, cooperatives, fruit wholesale markets… to develop solutions to bring Hai Duong’s lychee into distribution channels. Continue to coordinate with the Department of Industry and Trade of the provinces and cities across the country to organize programs to promote and introduce the image and quality of Hai Duong lychee.

In addition, Hai Duong Department of Industry and Trade also actively worked and asked the Department of Industry and Trade of border provinces and China to assist in facilitating and handling administrative procedures, transportation and consumption of lychee. for Hai Duong’s export enterprises to be quick and convenient.

Source: https://mekongasean.vn/hai-duong-mo-rong-thi-truong-cho-san-pham-vai-thieu-thanh-ha-post22774.html