In 2023, Son La will export 18,700 tons of fruit

On April 15, in Muong Bu commune, the Farmers’ Association of Son La province in collaboration with the People’s Committee of Muong La district held a ceremony to launch the movement of fruit bags for consumption and export in 2023.

Son La province currently has 84,784 hectares of fruit trees, fruit output in 2023 is estimated at 451,779 tons, up 28% compared to 2022; there are 261 supply chains of safe agricultural and aquatic products; 22,459 hectares of crops applying good and equivalent agricultural production processes; 24 agricultural products were granted protection titles; 83 products are OCOP certified.

Every year, the province has made about 14 million fruit bags, of which mainly mangoes, green-skinned pomelos, na, guava…

At the launching ceremony, the Provincial Farmers’ Association called on members and farmers across the province to respond to the movement of fruit bags for consumption and export, striving to reach the target of 15 million fruits in 2023.

The launching ceremony of fruit bags will begin the effective implementation of the Plan No. 302/KH-UBND dated December 28, 2022 of the Provincial People’s Committee on the Plan to export agricultural products 2023 with the goal of reaching over 18,700 tons, up 0.98%; export value strives to reach 25.26 million USD, up 26.15% compared to 2022.

Dragon fruit is one of the main export products of Son La

Some fruit products participating in export mainly are 8,000 tons of mangoes, 4,500 tons of longan, nearly 4,500 tons of bananas, 1,000 tons of passion fruit… with an estimated export value of 25.26 million USD, an increase of 26 ,15% compared to 2022.

In order for Son La fruit products to conquer difficult markets such as the EU, North America, the United States, Russia, Australia, China, Korea, Japan and some Middle Eastern and Asean countries, the investment must be made. Firstly, Son La must commit to ensure product quality, strictly implement the production process and well manage the planting area code, and effectively manage and use the product’s brand name.

Therefore, in order to help Son La fruit products continue to conquer fastidious markets such as the EU, North America, the United States, Russia, Australia, China, Korea, Japan, some Middle Eastern countries and ASEAN, Farmers’ Association of Son La province and Muong La district strive to pack 15 million fruits in 2023.

Over the years, Son La has been one of the typical localities in the Northwest in exporting goods, especially agricultural products. In 2022, the Department of Industry and Trade actively and actively cooperated with specialized agencies of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, provinces and cities in regulating goods through customs, solving difficulties and problems of enterprises. industry in exporting goods at border gates, including agricultural products of the province. The province has also effectively implemented new-generation free trade agreements (AVFTA, CPTPP…) in expanding export markets for the province’s products and introducing agricultural products to the country. 21 countries and territories.

As a result, in 2022, the province has exported over 9,000 tons of mangoes; more than 3,700 tons of longan; 4,500 tons of bananas… Products of the province are highly appreciated by partners, suitable for consumption and export requirements.

Previously, Son La Provincial People’s Committee issued Plan No. 302/KH-UBND on exporting products and goods of Son La province in 2023.

The plan clearly states that, in order to build and develop large-scale production areas, apply good planting, tending and harvesting processes to improve the quality of agricultural products. Promote product quality management, especially products that have been branded, VietGAP certified, area codes, protection titles … in order to create and maintain the brand name of Son La agricultural products. in domestic and international markets. Promote the application of modern and suitable production technology to production and business activities in order to meet the standards and regulations of importing goods of other countries. Son La Provincial People’s Committee promulgates the plan to export products and goods of Son La province in 2023 with the following targets:

The value of exported goods of the province in 2023 reached US$184 million, up 5.24% compared to 2022: In which, agricultural products and foodstuffs for export reached US$171.8 million, an increase of 5 .29% compared to 2022, contributing to socio-economic development, creating jobs for laborers in the province, especially ethnic minorities, remote and border areas.

For fruit, the number of fruit products participating in export in 2023 is expected to reach over 18,700 tons (an increase of 0.98% compared to 2022). The export value strives to reach 25.26 million USD (up 26.15% compared to 2022). Some main fruit products: mango, longan, passion fruit…