Ri6 Vietnamese durian is available in the UK for the first time

Ri6 durian fruit, a specialty of Vietnam, is available in the UK market for the first time.

The shipment of Ri6 durian with a weight of 5 tons from Vietnam by TT Meridian Ltd. (United Kingdom) official import was cleared on 4/5/2023 and distributed to supermarkets in the UK.

Mr. Thai Tran, CEO of TT Meridian Ltd (UK) said that Ri6 durian is one of the most famous specialty varieties in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. Importers are very confident about the product’s quality and expect the market to respond well, thereby preparing for larger import shipments in the near future.

According to TT Meridian’s representative, starting a durian business is considered one of the stepping stones for TT Meridian Ltd to introduce leading Vietnamese products to the UK in the near future.

Import and export activities with Vietnam have become much more convenient, because the Vietnam-United Kingdom and Northern Ireland Free Trade Agreement (UKVFTA) has been in effect for more than 2 years. Vietnamese businesses in the UK have increased their focus on logistics and import-export activities with the expectation of contributing to the development of trade relations between the two countries.

TT Meridian Ltd’s plan this year will strengthen its fresh fruit business, introduce more Vietnamese tropical fruits to the UK market such as durian, mango, litchi, longan… based on feedback and orders from UK distributors and consumers.

Currently, with many items being taxed to 0% under UKVFTA, especially agricultural products, it has created favorable conditions for enterprises to import Vietnamese goods such as TT Meridian.

Mr. Thai Tran said that importers of Vietnamese agricultural products are having a competitive advantage in the UK market thanks to the exemption from import tax under UKVFTA. For example, durian fruit imported from countries without tax incentives is subject to a tax rate of 8% while Vietnamese durian enjoys a preferential tax rate of 0% under UKVFTA, so it is completely possible to compete with similar products. from Thailand and Malaysia.

According to the Counselor of the Vietnamese Trade Office in the UK, the superior quality of Ri6 durian plus the preferential tax exemption for imports into the UK thanks to the UKVFTA Agreement have helped Vietnam’s durian have a competitive advantage in the market. UK compared with durians from other countries.

Previously, many specialty fruits of Vietnam were also present in the UK market such as Bac Giang lychee, Tan Lac red grapefruit and Dien Yen Thuy grapefruit, Cao Phong orange of Hoa Binh province. This presence shows the remarkable progress of Vietnamese fruit producers and exporters due to meeting Global GAP product quality and production process standards.

Source: https://baodautu.vn/sau-rieng-ri6-viet-nam-lan-dau-tien-co-mat-tai-thi-truong-anh-d189137.html