Vietnamese dragon fruit massively exported to Australia

Australian dragon fruit is in the harvest season and has a cheaper price, but Vietnamese products are still massively exported to this country.

Vietnamese dragon fruit (wrapped in red on the right) is sold at a higher price than Australian dragon fruit in the counter on the left at Dai Phat Supermarket (Melbourne) on January 21. Photo: Vietnam Trade Office in Australia


Currently, Australian dragon fruit is widely sold in many places such as Thaikee supermarket in central Sydney and stores in the Vietnamese capital in Cabramatta, NSW. On January 20, Vietnamese dragon fruit with white and red flesh was sold for about 200,000 VND per kilogram.

Dai Phat supermarket in Melbourne or MCQ in Perth or supermarkets in South Australia also sell Vietnamese dragon fruit.

The importers said that they have agreed with the market strategy set out by the Trade Office to promote the promotion of Vietnamese dragon fruit towards young people in this country to expand the market space. The Trade Office is also promoting the sale of winning dragon fruits, air tickets, children’s toys and Tet gifts.

In 2021, dragon fruit exports to Australia will grow by more than 14% compared to 2020, despite transportation difficulties between the two countries caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Besides dragon fruit, last year was also a successful year for Vietnam’s agricultural exports to this market, with a growth rate of more than 28%.

Hung Hau Food Joint Stock Company (Hung Hau Foods) is one of the leading companies in exporting fruits and vegetables in the form of fresh, frozen, noodles, rice straws, and widely distributed. Throughout the countries: USA, Germany, Korea, Israel …, Currently, Hung Hau Foods has also taken certain steps to penetrate the Australian market with frozen fruits and vegetables: Taro, sweet potato, banana, dragon fruit, pineapple. Recognizing the trend and prospect of dragon fruit export through the Australian market, Hung Hau Foods has been actively operating and promoting the development of this market.