Dong Thap: Replicating a model of clean mango production

Recently, many Dong Thap farmers boldly applied the clean production model with bio-products to replace chemical medicine for mangoes.

Photo: Using probiotics helps mangoes reduce costs more than 50% and sell at higher prices. Photo: Le Hoang Vu.

The model of organic mango production with biological products has been widely applied and practiced by people of Tam Que Hoi in Tan Thuan Tay commune, Cao Lanh city (Dong Thap) and have been implemented for about 2 years.

Through the guidance of scientists, the Association members used locally available ingredients such as garlic, chili, pineapple, bananas, wine … soaked at the rate of 1kg of raw material / 1 liter of wine. Depending on the type of pest on the tree, use a suitable preparation.

Through the implementation of the model of 24 members in the group of farmers, with an area of ​​more than 10 hectares, has seen a clear effect: The production cost is reduced by 50%, the company’s mango price is 2,000 to 4,000 higher than the market. VND / kg. Especially thanks to the use of probiotics, health and safety for consumers, the mango is preserved longer when it is launched in foreign markets.